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Feed Foodwaste to Animals License

No person may feed garbage to livestock or poultry in Minnesota unless a permit has been obtained from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

Agency contact information:

Animal Health, Minnesota Board of
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St. Paul, MN 55155
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Feed Foodwaste to Animals License
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Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Garbage Feeding (Class A)

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health's responsibilities include protecting the health of domestic animals of the state.


Minn. Stats. 35


MINNESOTA RULES 1721.0590 - 1721.0660


Application for Garbage Feeders or Exempt Materials Feeders; to be filled out during inspection.


Garbage Feeding (Class A)

Feeding food waste to livestock is also known as garbage feeding. Producers who would like to feed garbage to livestock can do so by first contacting the Board to request a Class A permit. One of our agricultural advisors will then schedule a visit to get the details including source of the garbage and the producer’s plans for hauling and cooking. Once a permit is granted it is good for one year. The permit is an agreement between the producer and the Board that garbage fed to livestock will be thoroughly heated to at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Additionally, trucks that haul garbage over public roads must be leak-proof, and rodents and pests must be kept away from uncooked garbage on the farm. We inspect garbage feeding farms each month to make sure these important rules are followed.

Though permitted producers could feed garbage to any type of livestock or poultry, there are currently only hog farms on the list in Minnesota. In the past, there have been as many as 40 permits to feed garbage in the state. Today, there are seven permitted producers.

Exempt Materials Feeding (Class B)

Food waste that has never had contact with meat is known as exempt materials. Some examples of exempt materials include bakery items, cereals and candy that came directly from the store or food processing plant. Producers who wish to feed non-meat food waste to animals may do so by obtaining a Board-issued Class B permit to feed exempt materials. Exempt materials do not need to be cooked before feeding to livestock.

Exempt materials include:

Exempt (class B) materials are fed to cattle and pigs. In total, 22 producers have permits to feed exempt materials.


No fee.

Period of Issuance:

Annual, July 1 - June 30.

Length of Determination Process:


Other Pertinent Information:

See Minn. Stat. § 35.73-.80.