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Endangered Species Permit

Minnesota's endangered species law and associated rules impose a variety of restrictions, a permit program, and several exemptions pertaining to species designated as endangered or threatened.

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Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Department of
500 Lafayette Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
(651) 296-6157 | (888) 646-6367 | (651) 296-5484 (TTY) | (800) 657-3929 (TTY)
Richard Baker, Minnesota Endangered Species Coordinator
Division of Ecological & Water Resources -500 Lafayette Rd., Box 25, St. Paul, MN 55155-4025 | (651) 259-5073
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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages the state's natural resources. Hunting, fishing, state forests and parks, lakes, rivers and streams, boating and water safety, trails, snowmobiling, skiing, education, enforcement, wildlife management, lands and minerals are managed by the DNR.


Minn. Stats. 84.0895


MINNESOTA RULES 6212.1800, 6212.2300, 6134.


Minnesota law and rules prohibit taking, purchasing, importing, possessing, transporting, or selling endangered or threatened plant or animal, including their parts or seeds, without a permit. For animals, taking includes pursuing, capturing, or killing. For plants, taking includes picking, digging, or destroying. The law and rules specify conditions under which the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources may issue permits to allow taking and possession of endangered or threatened species.

Details on the permit process and a list of endangered, threatened, and special concern species is available on the MN Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) website at Endangered Species Permits.



Other Pertinent Information:

Some species listed under Minnesota law are also listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act. If species that are federally listed as endangered or threatened are to be taken, the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service, Endangered Species Program should be contacted at (612) 713-5360 or (800) 657-3775.