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‘Heroin at Home’ addresses increase in opiate use, state’s response

“Heroin at Home” a documentary produced by the Department of Human Services in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television, examines the dramatic increase in heroin and opiate use in Minnesota and what’s being done to address it.

The three-part series begins with “Heroin at Home: Rise of Opiate Use,” which delves into the history, science and social factors behind opiate addiction and heroin’s resurgence in the last few years. “Heroin at Home: Response to Opiate Use,” covers evolving treatment approaches for heroin use and presents first-hand accounts from those in recovery. The series concludes with “Heroin at Home: A Community Discussion,” a town hall forum with key recovery, policy and law enforcement leaders recorded before a studio audience.

“Heroin at Home” complements Minnesota’s first-ever State Substance Abuse Strategy (PDF), an effort involving multiple state agencies, communities and other engaged citizens to strengthen substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery across the state. The strategy provides immediate policy recommendations to address opiate and heroin abuse and addiction. For more information on the strategy, visit DHS’ Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division webpage.

For more videos, visit Minnesota DHS on YouTube.

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