Help paying for treatment

People who qualify can get help paying for substance abuse treatment through their local county office. Federal, state and county governments put money into a Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund so that Minnesotans with low incomes can get needed treatment. 

You can qualify for help if you meet clinical requirements and:

  • Meet the annual income limit for your household size (amounts below effective Jan. 1 - June 30, 2014)
 Household size  People 18 or older  People under 18  Pregnant women
 1 $15,281 $31,597 N/A
 2 $20,628 $42,652 $43,117
 3 $25,974 $53,707 $54,293
 4 $31,321 $64,762 $65,469
 Add for each additional person $5,346 $11,055 $11,175
or if you:
  • Meet eligibility guidelines for Medical Assistance, Minnesota Supplemental Aid or Supplemental Security Income and
  • Have no other insurance or third party that will pay 100 percent of the cost of treatment, based on your assessment.

Contact your county social services or tribal office to see if you qualify. The first step is to get a Rule 25 assessment.

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