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The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides services for more than one million Minnesotans in 87 counties and 11 tribes.


HIV/AIDS programs

People living with HIV/AIDS may find help through the Minnesota HIV/AIDS Program. To learn more about how this program can help click on any of the areas that interest you

  • Dental program

    The dental program pays for routine diagnostic, preventive and corrective dental procedures furnished under the supervision of an approved dentist. Procedures covered include:

    Program HH now contracts with a medical review agent to process fee-for-service and Program HH requests for authorization. For recipients enrolled in a managed care organization (MCO), contact the MCO for authorization requirements.

    Refer to the MN–ITS User Guide Submit an Authorization Request for dental services (PDF) or Consolidated Providers (PDF) for step-by-step instructions.

    Refer to the Authorization Requirement Tables for Children and Pregnant Women or Authorization Requirement Tables for Non-Pregnant Adults for criteria and documentation requirements.

    For Program HH only recipients, refer to Program HH Dental Authorization Requirements Chart as services may be reimbursed differently. Do not submit authorization requests for services that do not require authorization or are not covered; they incur unnecessary costs and will not be approved.

    Contact Program HH Customer Care at 651-431-2398 with specific questions about procedures or prior authorization.

  • Drug reimbursement program

    The drug reimbursement program pays most of a person's portion of the cost of many major drugs and generic type multiple vitamins used to treat or prevent HIV-related conditions. Drugs may be purchased at any outpatient pharmacy that is a Minnesota Health Care Programs provider.

    People are responsible for a small copay of $1 for generic and $3 for brand-name prescriptions.

    HIV/AIDS Drug Formulary by drug category

  • Insurance program

    The insurance program pays medical insurance premiums, including, but not limited to:

    • Conversion or individually purchased policies
    • Medicare supplement policies
    • Policies carried through a COBRA extension
    • Insurance through the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association
  • Mental health program

    The mental health program pays for limited outpatient counseling with any state-registered mental health professional who accepts Medical Assistance. When a person does not have mental health insurance coverage or has exhausted their mental health benefits, they may apply for mental health services.

    The mental health program does not cover the cost of medications, although there are a limited number of mental health medications available to clients enrolled in the Drug Reimbursement Program (see above).

    Once enrolled in the mental health program, a person is eligible for a one-hour assessment by a mental health provider of their choice. After the assessment, the mental health provider must contact Program HH to prior authorize any needed services. Mental health providers will be notified of authorization and instructed as to the number of sessions that have been approved within three working days of receipt of the completed prior authorization form.

    Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, Program HH will no longer pay for mental health visits for clients dually enrolled in Medical Assistance and Program HH who:

    • Have a pre-paid health plan (PPHP) and
    • Are seeing out-of-network providers

    Clients and providers will need to work together to find providers who are a part of the client’s PPHP network.

    Contact your case manager, benefits specialist or the recipient help desk at 651-431-2670 or toll free at 800-657-3739 for more information.

    List of Mental Health Codes Covered by Program HH - Currently under construction

  • Nutrition program

    The nutrition program pays up to $100 each month for enteral/nutritional supplements when ordered by a physician. These products may be purchased at any outpatient pharmacy that is Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) provider.

    These products are typically canned liquid drinks, which add calories and certain nutrients to the diet. The program does not cover food, vitamins or herbal nutritional supplements.

    All clients wishing to receive nutritional supplements through Program HH will need to obtain prior authorization from a Minnesota Health Care Program registered dietician every six months. The dietician will meet with you to determine your dietary needs and what supplements would be best for you. The dietician will complete the Nutrition Prior Authorization Form (PDF) for you and send to Program HH.

    If you have insurance, Medicaid and/or Medicare please contact them to find a dietician that is covered under your program. If you only have Program HH coverage or your insurance does not cover dietician services you may contact Program HH Customer Care at 651-431-2398 for assistance.

    Contact your case manager, benefits specialist or the recipient help desk at 651-431-2670 or toll free at 800-657-3739 for more information. 

  • Program application

    To be eligible for any of the programs on this page, you must:

    • Be HIV positive
    • Have an annual income under 300 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines
    • Have less than $25,000 in cash assets
    • Reside in Minnesota

    If you would like to apply or reapply, click here for the HIV/AIDS Application and/or Reapplication (PDF). Send the completed form to the address provided on the front of the form. Applications are also available at many community and clinic-based sites.

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