The ADAP Formulary Committee will advise DHS as to the medications and testing procedures to be included on the Minnesota AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Drug Formulary. This includes adding and/or removing medications and testing procedures from the formulary based on the:

  • Needs of the consumers
  • Compliance with ADAP legislative guidelines
  • Current national trends including utilization trends of other ADAP Programs
  • Fiscal status of the ADAP program

If consumers identify a need, they can contact the Customer Care Representative to request review and consideration of the formulary committee. The committee will:

  • Review new HIV drugs within thirty (30) days of formal FDA approval
  • Add approved drugs to the formulary within sixty (60) days of FDA approval

The review process will be input from DHS and email communication with the DHS information. Voting will be online unless a meeting is scheduled within that timeframe. If there is not a quorum responding, then DHS will take the votes received, incorporate that information with earlier input and make a decision.

In addition to the above, the committee will advise DHS:

  • In the development and maintenance of a tiered drug formulary for the ADAP program
  • As to the best ways to disseminate ADAP formulary information
  • Regarding issues pertaining to medication adherence, standards for prescribing medication and overall best practices pertaining to HIV treatment medication as appropriate


The committee is comprised of 15 members. Representation includes at least two consumers, case managers, a planning council-designated representation, doctors, mental health and chemical health professionals, pharmacists and other professionals working in HIV care in Minnesota.

The ADAP Formulary committee is chaired by two co-chairs. The committee will elect one co-chair; the co-chair serves a two-year term for up to two terms. A DHS HIV/AIDS Division staff representative serves as the second co-chair.

Membership terms

Members are elected for a three-year term. Members may be elected to two terms. Members serving two consecutive terms must take a one-year break as a seated, voting member of the committee.

If a member misses two meetings within a calendar year, membership will be relinquished. DHS staff will contact and verify their interest in remaining on the committee. If they fail to attend a meeting after that contact, DHS will consider that seat vacant and open for election to fill the vacancy.

Committee members

Jason Baker, MD (co-chair), Michael Behl, Kira Belani, MD, Sara Deno, Pharm D, Mark Holtan, Pharm D, Randy Hornstine, Bill Larson, Pharm D, Eric Meininger, MD, MPH, Michael Oian, Aimee Reese, Pharm D, Frank Rhame, MD, Dave Rompa, (co-chair), Amy Schrempp, Leah Westberry, Jimmie Williams



The committee will meet a minimum of two (2) times each ADAP fiscal year between April 1 and March 31. Scheduled meetings will be in April and October. All meetings are from 6 to 8 p.m. at a location to be announced.

Meetings are advertised through Lavender Magazine, GLBT Press, The Rake, Fresh Fruit, Living Out, City Pages, Al Dia Newsletter, Access Press, Minnesota Women's Press, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press. DHS will send meeting notices to all Part A and B contracted vendors. Meetings will be noted annual training materials and other promotional materials DHS develops.

Meetings are open to the public.

  1. DHS selects and approves committee members from nominations that come from the formulary committee.
  2. However, if a vote and/or consensus are needed, only the seated Committee members vote.

Meeting announcements will be sent electronically no less than one week prior to each meeting. The two co-chairs will construct the agenda, which will be sent with the meeting announcement.

The option to participate via conference call will be made available to any participant who is not able to attend in person with notice given to DHS staff prior to the meeting.

Meetings will be run through modified parliamentary rules of order from Robert's Rules of Order. Robert's Rules of Order will be used to run the meetings should the need arise.

Voting is calculated by the majority of votes received by the seated members. Only seated members can vote. When utilizing email for electronic voting there will be a minimum of 14 days turnaround time to respond to the request.

A conference call may be scheduled if a vote is necessary between meetings. Those who are not able to attend the conference call will be able to submit their vote electronically or by contacting staff.

Meeting minutes will be made available to the Formulary Committee within two-weeks after the meeting with a vote to approve within one month. Once approved minutes of the meeting will be posted on the DHS web site within one week of approval.

Every two years the Committee with review and advise regarding any wait list criteria.


Ground rules

  1. Be open and direct.
  2. State opinions clearly and directly.
  3. Solutions-based approaches will best guide the process to successful outcomes.
  4. The Committee members serve as leaders in the community and have the ability to guide both attitudes and reactions of both consumers and other providers.
  5. Share information from this committee judiciously. This committee is a piece of a much larger system. Partial information has the potential of being misinterpreted and misunderstood.

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