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Lifeworks Services, Inc. FSE

Lifeworks Services, Inc.

2965 Lone Oak Drive, Suite 160
Eagan, MN 55121 
651-454-2732 or 866-454-2732

Lifeworks Services website

Provider information

Service type

Fee type and amount

Transaction-based fees

Payroll costs*

Fiscal conduit Monthly fee based on approved annual CDCS allocation:

$0-$15,000 $70

$15,000+ $85
PTO Fee - 2.2% Not applicable
Payroll agent Monthly fee:  $125 PTO Fee - 2.2%

Administrative fee – 2% of payroll
Actual cost for Employer Taxes (Approximately 10-12%)
Agency with Choice Monthly fee: $125 PTO Fee - 2.2%

Administrative fee – 2% of payroll

*FICA, state and federal unemployment tax and workers’ compensation

Fiscal Support Entities cannot provide support planner and direct services to the same person. This includes agency with choice.

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