People with Disabilities


PCA responsible party

  • Do I need a responsible party?

    Responsible parties are required if:

    • You are under 18
    • You are an incapacitated adult with a court-appointed guardian
    • Your PCA assessment indicates you need help making decisions about your care.
  • Who can be my responsible party?

    Responsible parties must be 18 or older. You may have two people assigned to make decisions about your care.

    The responsible party does not need to live with you.

  • Who cannot be my responsible party?

    The following cannot be your responsible party:

    • PCA provider agency owners or managers
    • Your county worker if they are acting as an employee
    • Your PCA
    • Your PCA provider agency staff unless related to you by blood, marriage or adoption
    • Your qualified professional.
  • What are the duties of my responsible party?

    Your responsible party must: 

    • Attend your assessments
    • Be available while the PCA is working
    • Be listed on forms
    • Check on your health and safety
    • Help you develop your care plan
    • Help you make informed choices
    • Monitor your care plan
    • Participate in planning and directing your services
    • Sign a PCA Responsible Party Agreement and Plan DHS-5856 (PDF) with the PCA provider agency
    • Sign time sheets.

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