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PCA flexible use

You can use your PCA units in a flexible manner over two six–month periods. Many recipients divide their time 50/50 between the two six-month periods, however you can divide your time flexibly as long as you do not use more than 75% of your time during one six-month period.

  • Are there any tools to help me budget my PCA units?

    Yes, PCA flexible use tools DHS-4691B (PDF) are available.  

  • Can everyone use his or her PCA units flexibly?

    You are not eligible for flexible use if:

    • Your local county agency or tribe denies flexible use
    • DHS denies flexible use
    • You are on the Minnesota Restricted Recipient Program

  • Can I use my time flexibly within each six-month period?

    Within each six-month period you may use your hours flexibly as well. You establish your month-by-month plan with your qualified professional. The month-by-month plan is part of your care plan. You can also use your hours flexibly across the hours of the day and days of the week.

    For example:

    The assessment determines you are authorized 20 units a day. Each unit is 15 minutes, so you get five hours a day. 

    At the assessment, you decide to use your time evenly across each six-month period. 

    You are approved for 3,640 units (910 hours) during the first six months and 3,640 units (910 hours) the second six months. Your month-by-month plan indicates you will use 606 units (156 hours) each month. 

    You want to use your 35 hours flexibly across the week. Since Monday is laundry day and Tuesday is bath and shopping day, you want your PCA to work eight hours a day on Mondays and Tuesdays. Since you spend Sundays with your daughter, you do not want a PCA on Sundays. You have the PCA come four hours on Wednesday and five hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Can my time roll over?

    No. Unused PCA time does not carry over into the next six-month period.

  • When can I use my PCA help?

    PCA services are usually approved for one year. PCA units are divided into two six-month periods. You must tell the assessor if you want to divide your time flexibly over the two six-month periods.

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