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Emergency plans address your immediate health needs when something unexpected happens. The Minnesota State Council on Disability has an emergency preparedness website available to help people with disabilities improve emergency preparedness.

  • What is a medical emergency plan?

    It is good to have a plan in place for a medical emergency. You may want to carry a card or small piece of paper with you and also post this information in your home:

    • Diagnosis
    • Medications
    • Allergies
    • Health conditions and instructions
    • Emergency contact information
    • Doctor contact information
    • Insurance information
  • What is an emergency evacuation plan?

    Be sure to discuss evacuation plans with your friends, family and PCA.
    Discuss the type of emergency and what action would be needed to evacuate safely.
    Put together a disaster supply kit that includes what you would need to survive for three to ten days on your own.
    Develop a checklist for evacuation including:

    • Contact numbers for helpers
    • Transportation options
    • Medications 
    • Medical supplies

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