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PCA choosing a provider agency

  • How do I find a provider?
    As part of choosing a PCA provider agency, you must first decide between:

    Traditional agencies hire, train, schedule and fire your staff. With the PCA Choice option, you have greater control over your staffing and an agency handles the financial matters. Once you decide on the type of agency, you must select a specific agency. If you have not chosen an agency by the date listed on your service authorization, DHS will stop your service authorization.

    You can choose a provider agency from a list you may get at your PCA assessment. Lists are also available at or from the Disability Linkage Line, 866-333-2466, or the Senior LinkAge Line, 800-333-2433.

  • How do I choose a provider?

    When hiring any type of company to provide services to you, you may want to learn about the company’s:

    • Availability of service
    • Commitment to staff training
    • Customer service ratings and reviews, for example the Better Business Bureau
    • Professional accreditations and affiliations
    • Quality of service and quality plans
    • Responsiveness to customers
    • Unique features that meet your needs
    • Years of service

    Many people interview two or three providers before making a final selection. You may want to ask a potential provider:

    • How do you communicate with your clients?
    • What is your grievance policy?
    • What kind of training do you provide for your staff?
    • What references can you
    • provide?
    • Who would be my contact at your agency? 
  • What are additional questions for a traditional PCA provider?
    • How can you meet my staffing needs?
    • How do you provide backup staff for emergencies?
    • How much do PCAs and qualified professionals get paid?
    • May I help set my schedule?
    • May I meet or interview PCAs before they work for me?
    • What benefits do you offer staff?
  • What are additional questions for a PCA Choice provider?
    • How much can I pay my PCAs and qualified professionals?
    • What is your fee for using the PCA Choice option?
  • Can I use more than one agency?

    If you use traditional PCA you can have more than one agency provide your staffing. If you use PCA Choice, you can have only one agency. You cannot use both traditional PCA and PCA Choice at the same time.

  • What if I change my mind?

    You can choose to join or leave PCA Choice or change PCA providers anytime. Contact your local county agency or tribe (PDF) or health plan member services to change from traditional PCA to PCA Choice. Your new and former PCA provider must contact DHS to change your provider.

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