Partners and Providers

DHS partners with counties, tribes, providers, consumer groups, advocacy organizations and other partners in human services to address Minnesotans' needs.


Health Care

Providing health care is a major part of the department's mission, and our partnerships with a broad range of health care providers — from safety net providers to managed care organizations — helps make sure Minnesotans receive the care they need.

  • MHCP enrolled providers

    Information for fee-for-service health care providers enrolled to serve people in Minnesota Health Care Programs.

  • Bulletins

    Official communication to county and tribal staff and business partners about program changes and required actions.

  • Documents and forms (eDocs)

    DHS’ online document repository, called eDocs, provides easy access to current versions of documents.

  • Grants and RFPs

    DHS issues requests for proposals to invite organizations to participate in projects and programs.

  • Licensing

    DHS licenses service providers and monitors and investigates their compliance with Minnesota laws and rules.

  • Managed care organizations

    Managed care organizations contract with DHS to serve Minnesota Health Care Programs enrollees.

  • Mental health

    DHS provides state and federal funding for mental health treatment for adults and children.

  • Substance abuse

    DHS administers prevention and treatment programs for alcohol and drug dependency and abuse problems.

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