Partners and Providers

DHS partners with counties, tribes, providers, consumer groups, advocacy organizations and other partners in human services to address Minnesotans' needs.


MnCHOICES partners and stakeholders


A policy work group of stakeholders identified and provided direct input on critical policies as they relate to assessment and support planning. These policies are vital for the content and implementation of the MnCHOICES application.


System technology

A systems technology work group provided technology solutions for MnCHOICES. This included:

  • Automating selected business processes
  • Building mechanisms for performance measurement and reporting
  • Designing the assessment application

External partners include members of the technology committee. Members of the first implementer lead agencies pilot tested the MnCHOICES assessment application. The First Implementer Project description provides detail of the MnCHOICES testing component.


Training and certification

A training and certification workgroup consulted with the experienced assessors and MnCHOICES Certified Assessor Training contractors on the plan, development and implementation of training courses to meet new certification requirements. This team also provided information and technical assistance to supervisors and other lead agency staff.


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