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MnCHOICES certified assessor training

Minn. Stat. §256B.0911, subd. 2b establishes training and certification requirements for the MnCHOICES assessment process. MnCHOICES Certified Assessor Training prepares assessors to conduct assessments and use the MnCHOICES Web-based application. Certified assessors recertify every three years.

Why does DHS need to train and certify assessors?

Once DHS implements the MnCHOICES assessment process, lead agencies must use trained and certified assessors. Certified assessors need to have a common set of skills and knowledge in best practices and use person-centered principles. Training and certification helps ensure consistency across assessments for long-term services and supports. Certified assessor training also allows for equal access to services statewide.

Who can become a certified assessor?

Candidates must have one of the following:

  • Bachelor's degree in social work plus at least one year of home and community-based experience
  • Bachelor's degree in nursing with current licensure as a registered nurse along with public health certification and at least one year of home and community-based experience
  • Degree in a closely related field plus at least one year of home and community-based experience
  • Current license as a registered nurse with at least two years of home and community-based experience

How will DHS train and certify candidates?

DHS designed a training curriculum and developed a certification process. Training and certification includes four steps:

Step 1 - Foundation: Candidates need to demonstrate understanding about programs and services, formal and informal supports and MnCHOICES principles and values.

Step 2 - Principles: Candidates take online courses to learn to perform MnCHOICES assessments and support planning functions. Candidates must pass a test following each course.

Step 3 - Application: Candidates demonstrate skills using the MnCHOICES application through guidance and hands-on experience.

Step 4 - Recertification: Assessors participate in professional development activities, document their experience and describe how activities improve their knowledge and skills.

When can candidates begin the training and certification process?

MnCHOICES Certified Assessor Training (MnCAT) is available in TrainLink.

Step 1–Foundation and Step 2–Principles are currently available. Step 3–Application will be available in April 2014. DHS will add additional courses to TrainLink as they are completed.

Send an email to with questions or comments about certified assessor training.

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