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Minnesota Employment Learning Community

Public feedback sought on changes to employment services for people with disabilities

DHS is changing its home and community-based employment services. This will include changes to prevocational and supported employment services and the development of new services.

These changes allow us to:

  • Increase competitive employment outcomes for people with disabilities
  • Comply with guidelines from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

We would like to receive some feedback on these changes from consumers, family, lead agencies, provider agencies and other interested stakeholders. We plan to:

1. Incorporate your feedback into service definitions we are developing.
2. Post these definitions for public comment in August.
3. Submit the service definitions to CMS with the waiver amendments in the fall.

Please see the flyer (PDF) for more information, including how to register.

Learning communities

Sometime referred to as communities of practice, learning communities are groups of people who share a passion for a particular topic and work together to learn how to do it better.

  • What is the Minnesota Employment Learning Community?

    The Minnesota Employment Learning Community, started in September 2014, is a group of people working to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  These outcomes include earning at least minimum wage and working in a job alongside people without disabilities.  

    We talk about this as “integrated, competitive employment”.  During the course of this work, the Minnesota Employment Learning Community will:

    • Identify promising practices, approaches and partnerships that lead to people having these employment outcomes
    • Discuss ways that Minnesota can adopt Employment First principles and support people who choose to work.  
  • Who is in the community?

    Participants include people with disabilities, family members as well as people from organizations that support integrated, competitive employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  Participants for this learning community may include:

    • People with disabilities and their families
    • Community non-profit organization representatives 
    • Members of the business community
    • Research and training institution representatives
    • State and local social services agency representatives
  • How do I participate in this group?

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Employment Learning Community, please complete the Statement of Interest Form. The form includes instructions how to submit (mail or fax) the application. As terms of current members open up, additional applications will be considered. 

    Available assistance

    Support to prepare for and attend meetings is available to you if you are selected to participate in this group.

    If you require help to complete this form, please contact Bekah Satre at or 651-431-5783.

  • What is involved if I am chosen to participate in this group?

    Terms of the membership are one or two years. There is a maximum of three years of participation allowed.

    Time commitment

    Participating in the Employment Learning Community will involve approximately four hours per month:

    • Monthly three-hour meetings in Roseville
    • Personal time spent between meetings to read and prepare information to share with the group

    Outstate members

    Members who do not live in the metro area will be able to join the meetings by phone. More information will be made available at a later date.

  • How can I find more information?

    More information about what “integrated, competitive employment” or “Employment First” means, is available on the Minnesota's Olmstead Plan website

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