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Making sense of system change

DHS is working with partners and providers to improve services and supports for people with disabilities across the state. This work includes reform and compliance with federal standards. It supports personal choice and improves lives.

Lead agencies and providers must change many long-standing practices because of home and community-based services (HCBS) reform. DHS recognizes the change has been difficult and confusing. These changes, scheduled over 2014-15, include the:

  • 245D licensing requirements
  • Conversion to a statewide disability waiver rates system
  • Elimination of county contracts with HCBS waiver providers
  • Focus on positive behavior supports and prohibitions on restraints and seclusion under the Jensen Settlement
  • Increased demands on waiver resources, and new state strategies to manage waiver resources
  • Olmstead plan activities
  • The changing role of the county
  • Transition to the person-centered MnCHOICES assessment.

DHS wants to keep providers and lead agencies (counties, tribes and managed care organizations) informed as they change the way they deliver service. Because of the volume of change, it is important to address common misunderstandings and provide awareness about what resources are available. There are tools in place to help you.

Please check this page weekly for updates. DHS will use this page to deliver information about:

  • News
  • Training (webinars, events, video conferences, etc.)
  • Policy clarification and resources
  • Technical assistance.

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