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Continuing care

DHS strives to help people live with choices and as independently as possible for as long as possible. Our partnerships with care providers and others are essential to our success. To help meet the needs of older Minnesotans and people with disabilities, the Continuing Care Administration manages a number of programs and services.


An official communication to inform county and tribal staff, as well as other DHS business partners, about program changes and required actions by workers and partner agencies.

Data and measures

Performance measures, planning information and public reports including the Gaps Analysis Study and the Waiver Review Initiative

Searchable document library (eDocs)

eDocs is an online repository of brochures, forms and other documents.

Grants and RFPs

DHS requests for proposals (RFPs) to invite businesses and organizations to participate in various projects and programs.

Reform initiatives

Reform initiatives for programs that serve people with disabilities.

HCBS Partners Panel

A group of stakeholders convened to identify strategies to improve services for people with disabilities, mental health issues and the elderly.


DHS licenses facilities that care for children, the elderly and vulnerable adults.

Long-term services and supports rates

Information on rates, including legislated changes, rate limits, MMIS instructions and more (formerly CCA rates)

Provider information

Information for our providers who work with home and community-based programs for older adults and people with disabilities.

Reform 2020

Information on reform activities of Medical Assistance, the states' Medicaid program.

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