Partners and Providers

DHS partners with counties, tribes, providers, consumer groups, advocacy organizations and other partners in human services to address Minnesotans' needs.


Continuing Care

DHS strives to help people live with choices and as independently as possible for as long as possible. Our partnerships with care providers and others are essential to our success. To help meet the needs of older Minnesotans and people with disabilities, the Continuing Care Administration manages a number of programs and services. 

  • Aging 2030

    Public awareness initiative to enable Minnesotans to create a plan for their long-term care

  • Aging and adult services

    Information on programs and supports for older adults and their caregivers

  • Deaf and hard of hearing services

    Information and opportunities to help Minnesotans who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing and their family to effectively access service in their communities

  • Disability services

    Policies and programs to help people with disabilities find the resources they need to live with choices and as independently as possible


  • Nursing facility rates and policy

    Policy and program administration of nursing facility rates, service provision and quality of care and life for nursing facility residents

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