Own Your Future


Stories of people who own their future

Meet people from across the country who have created long-term care plans to meet future needs. Read their stories below.

Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon

Minnesota lieutenant governor committed to creating a long-term care plan after her husband passed away. Hear the lieutenant governor's story.

DHS Commissioner Lucinda Jesson

Hear the commissioner's story.


Amy has seen first-hand the difference it makes when someone plans ahead for possibly needing long-term care someday and when someone does not take those steps. Read more of Amy's story.


Andrew is a well-educated and successful business development consultant. None of the skills and knowledge he has accumulated during his more than 50 years of life prepared him for knowing how to help his mother when she fell ill and needed long-term care. Read more of Andrew's story.


Angela is an IT professional in her early 30s. She and her husband share their modest home in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of Bloomington, MN, with her mother. Angela became aware of the importance of planning ahead for long-term care needs when her grandmother, whom they call Grandy, needed care. Read more of Angela's story.


Dennis knows from first-hand experience with his dad about the importance of having a plan should his dad someday need long-term care. Read more of Dennis's story.

John and Shelley

Working in the aging field, John knew how important it was to plan for his long-term care. When planning for the future, John advises others to think about what is important to you as you age. Read more of John's and Shelley's story.

Kathy and Cathy

Kathy and her partner Cathy are two extremely planful people. To them, it only made sense to have a plan in place for their future. Read more of Kathy and Cathy's story.


Kay grew up on a farm and moved to an area in the Twin Cities Metro area that reminded her of her home.  When she got the chance to build a new house on her lot, she decided to make the house so accessible that she could live there for the rest of her life.  The house is a big part of her long-term care plan. Watch Kay's video.


Lori is a typical woman of the so-called “sandwich generation.” At age 46, she and her husband are providing care to two energetic young children and also to her aging mother and mother-in-law.  After an extended hospital stay due to a variety of complex medical issues, her mom required continued care and supportive services. Read more of Lori's story.

Marcia and Al

Marcia is a long-distance caregiver for her mother, living in Florida. A few years ago, Marsha and her husband Al began looking for suitable living arrangements for her mom so that she could “age in place.” Read more of Marcia and Al's story about home modification.


Radha was well aware of the fact that someday she should think about buying long-term care insurance. Read more of Radha's story.


Robin is a typical example of a young woman in the "sandwich generation". Busy with her job as a human resources director for a major firm and raising three children, she experienced long-distance for both her father and her father-in-law. Read more of Robin's story.

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