Own Your Future



The issues addressed by Own Your Future are important to Minnesota employers. Their workforce is aging, more workers are caregiving for older relatives and many workers are beginning to calculate their retirement benefits, their living expenses in retirement and make decisions about when they will retire.

Own Your Future is proud to be working closely with employers and their associations to bring the messages of Own Your Future to workers across the state in small, medium and large businesses, and provide sources of information that can supplement their retirement planning efforts with information about their need to incorporate long-term care planning in their retirement plans.

Own Your Future employers

We have compiled an Employer Launch Kit. This kit provides a number of written pieces that can be of use to employers participating in Own Your Future. These materials are also on a CD that can be ordered by emailing ownyourfuture@state.mn.us.

There are multiple copies of the Own Your Future Brochure (PDF) available. Order these online at no charge at Minnesota DHS bulk ordering site.

Early adopters

We are recognizing employers that commit to sharing the Own Your Future message with their employees. If they have a plan for how they are going to present this message to their employees, we will list them on the website with their logo, a picture and a summary of what their plan includes. We hope that seeing these organizations and their plans will be an incentive for others to do the same!

Early adopter - Ecumen

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