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Will my family take care of me?

We know it makes sense to talk to your family about long-term care before the need arises. Talking about aging, finances and health can be awkward as these are personal and complex topics. 

Putting a plan in place before a crisis occurs can help make sure your long-term care choices are known, understood and respected.

Talk to your loved ones

A long-term care plan begins by having honest conversations with those closest to you. Finding out where you agree or disagree on long-term care issues will help guide future decisions and planning.

When you talk with your family, share your concerns and preferences about:

  • Where you want to live
  • How you want your care needs met
  • Any medical history that may be important in making decisions

Talk with family and friends about whether they would want to or be able to care for you if you are unable to care for yourself over a long period on time. Your discussions can provide the foundation of your long-term care plan.

If your family is not comfortable talking about your long-term care needs, acknowledge their feelings, share your reasons for concern and try again later.

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