General Public

DHS provides many resources to keep the public informed about activities, and performance of the agency and providers we license.



DHS licenses service providers and monitors and investigates their compliance with Minnesota laws and rules. Licensing protects the health, safety and rights of those receiving services by requiring that providers meet minimum standards of care and physical environment.

  • What's new

    News and updates about DHS’ licensing function.

  • General information

    Learn more about licenses, background studies and maltreatment investigations.

  • Background studies

    Conducted for applicants and those providing direct services in licensed programs.

  • FAQ

    Answers to frequently asked questions about background studies, child care licensing, maltreatment investigations, background investigations and record retention guidelines.

  • Licensing Lookup

    Search DHS’ licensing information database for frequently requested public information.

  • Licensed programs

    A listing of the types of programs and services licensed by DHS.

  • Maltreatment investigations

    Help protect the health and safety of individuals served at licensed facilities.

  • Report fraud

    Report fraud by recipients of public assistance programs, and child and health care providers.

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