Competency Records

Delivering efficient and effective customer service is fundamental to the WorkForce Centers. This is accomplished through training and demonstration of learned competencies. One of the key elements of RRACP is validating these competencies thereby establishing standards throughout the state.

Getting Started

Validation of learned competencies is accomplished by successfully mastering a minimum eighty percent of each competency record (CR). For example, after completing Module 1, Unit 1 training unit, participant must successfully complete Module 1, Unit 1 CR to receive credit. See below steps to get started:


  1. Locate and complete applicable online module training unit.

  2. Obtain signature from authorized representative verifying training on the Training Validation Form.

  3. Locate and complete corresponding competency record.

  4. Fax, email or mail completed CR to RRACP administrator.

  5. RRACP administrator evaluates CRs and posts completed CRs on Module 1, 2 or 3 Participant lists.