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Current Projects

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The project list includes the grantee name, the employer name, the city in which the dislocation event took place and the start and end date for the project.

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Partner Express Newsletter

Partner Express is a monthly resource for Dislocated Worker Program service providers. Select the links below to view, download or print current and past issues.


September 2014
Director's Corner; Corner On The Market; Performance Updates; National Emergency Grant Updates

August 2014
Director's Corner; Corner On The Market; Performance Updates

July 2014
Director's Corner; Corner On The Market; Provider Updates; Policy Updates

May 2014
Director's Corner; Corner On The Market; Dislocated Worker Layoff Grants; End-of-Year Performance Tip

April 2014
Director's Corner; Corner On The Market; Policy Updates; Joint Counselor Training Awards

March 2014
Director's Corner; Cost of Living in Minnesota; New Grants; NEG Updates: Success Story: Jay in Winona County 

February 2014
Director's Corner; Measuring Labor Force Participation; Grant Updates

January 2014
Director's Corner; National Job Outlook to 2022; Grant Modifications; Success Story: Ali Knoll; Served by Rural Minnesota CEP

December 2013
Goodbye Fil; New Dislocated Worker Grants; Corner on the Market: Measuring the Skills Gap; Policy Updates; Performance Tips

November 2013
Director's Corner; Using LMI to Serve Your Customers; DEED's New Website; Policy Updates

October 2013
Director's Corner; Corner on the Market; Policy Update; Service Tips; Data Validation Tip: Veteran Status; NEG Update; Grant Updates

August 2013  
Director’s Corner; Corner on the Market: Aftermath of the Ford Layoff; NEG Update; Policy Updates: GED Training - ACA Health Exchange Opportunity - Expiring Tax Credit for Military Service

July 2013
Director's Corner, Corner on the Market: LMI Training, NEG Update: 3 new NEGs, Policy Update: OJT Credential Waiver, Your Latest Grants

June 2013
Congratulations JTC Award Winners, NEG Update, Policy Update: Apprenticeship, Your Latest Grants, Corner on the Market: MN Career Pathways

April 2013
Director's Corner, Call for Joint Counselor Training Award Nominations, Corner on the Market, NEG Corner, Your Latest Grants, Rapid Response: It's You, Too!

MinnesoTAA Newsletter

MinnesoTAA is the monthly newsletter for counselors, service providers and DEED staff who serve our TAA-eligible customers. Use the links to view, download or print current and past issues.


January/February 2015
Coordinator's Column; Fall Counselor Training Questions; Funding Stream Transfers in the Workforce One Rewrite

October 2014
Coordinator's Column; Fall 2014 Counselor Training; TAA Specialist Changes

September 2014
Director's Corner;Travel and Subsistence Change; New TAA Application; TAA/DW Success Story

August 2014
Director's Corner; TAA Benchmarks; Summer Credits; RTAA/ATAA Process

June 2014
Director's Corner; Conference Details; Networking Tips; Summer Credits; Fall Purchase Orders

May 2014
Director's Corner; JCT 2014 Award Nominations; Dislocated Worker Program vs. TAA

April 2014
Director's Corner; Joint Counselors Training; Smart Goals 

March 2014
Director's Corner; Counselor Conference;Things to Remember About Waivers

February 2014  
TAA Success Stories; Smart Goals; Customer Survey; Time for Mid-Term Benchmarks

January 2014  
2011 Law and Reversion Webinar; TAA Recipients Receiving Federal Extension; Transportation Subsistence While in Training 

December 2013  
Computers and High Technology Tools for Training; Training Progress Reports; Customer Survey and 2011 Law and Reversion-Webinar 

November 2013  
Autumn Counselor Training Schedule; How to Check on Available RTAA Funds; A Reminder That Progress Reports Are Due!

October 2013  
Director's Corner; TAA Eligibility Questions; Closing TAA Cases and Terming Cases. 

September 2013  
Director's Corner; Reimbursement Process; Client's Process for Required Training Related Purchases.

June 2013  
Director's Corner, OJT Policy Update, Fall Term Purchase Orders, RTAA-Major Change.

April 2013  
Director's Corner, Training Application, Summer Term Training, Training Progress Report, and Computer Hardware Policy.

March 2013
Director's Corner, Training Benchmarks, New RTAA Process, TRA Webinar, and Petition Amendment.

Success Stories

Linda Anderson's Story

Linda AndersonLinda Anderson arrived at the Winona WorkForce Center in August of 2009, when she was invited to attend a group orientation for the Dislocated Worker Program.

She had been laid off from her position as an order processor at an electronics company, where she worked for almost three years. Realizing that she needed computer training in order to be competitive, Linda began attending a series of six Microsoft Word and Excel computer training classes at Minnesota State College Southeast Technical. Despite her new skills, however, she still struggled to find employment in the tough job market.

With the help of career counseling, Linda decided to pursue a career in the healthcare field as a certified nursing assistant. She excelled in the training and actually received and accepted a job offer with Winona Health before completing the course. After passing the test on the first attempt, Linda began her new career as a CNA, earning more money than she did in her previous job.

She credits the her counselor and the Winona WorkForce Center for helping her achieve her goals.

My experiences with the Workforce Center have been nothing short of super," she says. "You personally always made me feel that I could do more for myself. You encouraged me to go the extra step, and go back to school, learn new things, and always hope for the best.

"You and the center were my salvation. Without you, I would not be where I am now: Gainfully employed, in a great job that I love, and doing something that is rewarding to me. I am happy, and feel productive again. I thank you, and the Center for that. I am eternally grateful.

David Lhotka's Story

David LhotkaIn August 2009, David Lhotka was laid off from his position as an infrastructure consultant for Warner Connect, Inc., an IT company located in Fridley.

He sought help from the WIA Dislocated Work Program at the Anoka County Job Training Center in Blaine.

David attended an orientation class and then was assigned to work with vocational counselor Amy Lord. Amy recommended some free training classes on job search, resume writing, and how to stay motivated during the job search -- which I took," says David. These classes helped me a lot and got me interviewing with companies much more quickly."

Amy checked in regularly with David and made recommendations about self-marketing and making his job search more productive.

During his time being unemployed, David was able to find short term contract positions with IT agencies which helped him get through the difficult period. David then began working full time at Ameriprise Financial in Minneapolis on a long-term contract position as a Desktop Support Consultant.

I have a lot of responsibility and enjoy what I am doing," he says. "I am also making 8.3 percent more in wages now than when I first was laid off."

David attributes his quickness in finding a job in a down economy to the networking opportunities and counseling he received from the Dislocated Worker Program.

I believe the friendship and mentoring of Amy Lord and the learning I gained from the Dislocated Worker Program has impacted my life in a very positive way," he says. "It kept me with a positive attitude, which made my wife and family feel better through my unemployment. I feel very fortunate that (this opportunity) was made available to me.

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