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5 Job Search Tips Going Out of Style in 2014

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 10:04 AM
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Job hunting techniques continue to evolve in response to the ongoing changes employers make to draw passive and active job seekers into their talent pool and find the best workers. And it’s a new year, so we’re urging job seekers to review advice they’ve received and based on that, update their job-hunting methods and tool kit.

In 5 Job Search Tips Going Out of Style in 2014 , Heather Huhman urges job seekers to weed out the bad advice from the good. That she says, will lead you to more interviews and a new job. To help job seekers decide which advice to drop she has listed five job search tips to avoid: 

1. Only focus on your resume and cover letter.

A common piece of advice is to focus on customizing your cover letter and resume to every position for which you apply. This is a very important piece of advice to follow; however, it’s also important to focus on marketing yourself as a professional and the value of your personal brand . What’s going to seal the deal is your credibility as a professional. Have a stellar online presence, making sure your LinkedIn profile is current and you’re using the best social media platforms for your career. This will help you build credibility as a job seeker and become discovered by employers who want to hire you.

2. Make sure your Facebook profile is unsearchable.

If you’ve changed the spelling of your name on Facebook and applied every privacy setting to make it impossible to discover you, this could send a red flag to employers. Be as transparent as possible on social media because employers want to feel confident that you have nothing to hide from them. Be your true self online and you won’t have to worry about blocking employers from your Facebook.

3. Keep your personal and professional online presence separate.

You may have been told the safest way to use social media for your job search is to create separate accounts (such as two Twitter accounts). However, employers want to see that you’re able to blend your personal and professional lives as one on social media. By blending the two (while posting only appropriate content) you’re able to show them your experience and personality online, and you’ll only need to manage one account.

4. Apply to as many jobs as you can.

Don’t apply to every job posting you think you are even remotely qualified for. People land jobs because they show employers they are qualified for the position through their experience, not because of a single qualification or skill.

5. Use as many buzzwords as possible in your resume.

You’ve probably been told to use as many buzzwords as possible such as “driven” and “innovative” to spruce up your resume and help you win over resume screeners. However, this is actually a job search tip you need to avoid. In 2013, Victor Luckerson revealed his 10 Absolute Worst Buzzwords to Put on a Resume in TIME Business & Money. You should be able to support your qualification with an accomplishment story and use relevant keywords tailored to the position. This approach will help you stand out to employers and make you appear more credible.

Now that you know about these “tips” to avoid, we urge you to review your resume and remove any buzzwords, make sure you have the experience that matches each job opening before you apply and update your online presence to make it transparent and have your personal brand shine even more.

We also encourage you to update your job search skills by attending a free Creative Job Search workshop at your local Minnesota WorkForce Center. This workshop covers the basics of a successful job search. Topics include preparing for the job search, resume strategies, networking, practice interviews, and more. Find out where and when this workshop is offered here .






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