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The Evolution of Minnesota’s Jobs

Posted on April 03, 2014 at 12:48 PM
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With the recovery in full swing, Minnesotans are heading off to work each day in record numbers. Minnesota’s nonfarm wage and salary employment reached a record high last year and was just 5,200 workers short of crossing the 3 million mark in February.


The recovery, though, has been uneven, depending on the sector, according to a story by Dave Senf in a recent issue of Trends.

Senf found that payroll numbers in Minnesota are well below pre-recession levels in manufacturing and construction and significantly above pre-recession levels in health care and social assistance, private education services and management of companies. Manufacturing and construction jobs are down by double-digit percentages since 2007, while health care and social assistance, private education services and management of companies jobs are up by double-digit percentages over that period.

To get an idea of how Minnesota is doing when compared with the rest of the country, Senf looked at 22 major occupational groups. Among his findings, management occupations accounted for 6.1 percent of all employment in Minnesota, compared with 4.9 percent nationally. That means Minnesota has a 25 percent higher concentration of management occupations than the country as a whole.

Meanwhile, legal occupations as a percent of total employment are lower in Minnesota (0.7 percent) than nationally (0.8 percent). Minnesota’s lower share translates into the state having 14 percent fewer jobs in legal occupations than the rest of the country.

Altogether, Minnesota has a higher concentration of jobs in 10 occupational groups than the U.S. and a lower concentration in 12 occupational groups, according to Senf’s findings.

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