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Minnesota Economic Trends

Covers of TRENDS magazineMinnesota Economic Trends is our quarterly magazine that provides expert analysis of the state's labor market, industries and economy.

Produced by our Labor Market Information Office, the magazine features articles on workforce, demographic, and economic trends written by our labor market analysts and guest columnists.

View previous editions of Minnesota Economic Trends, dating back to 1993.

September 2016

This issue’s cover story focuses on the rising cost of higher education and whether continuing an education after high school pays off in the long run.

June 2016

Our annual state-of-the state issue that contains a series of articles reviewing Minnesota’s recent labor market performance

March 2016

The cover story in this issue of Minnesota Economic Trends focuses on careers in supply chain management. 

December 2015

This issue of Minnesota Economic Trends focuses on racial and economic disparities in Minnesota.

September 2015

In this issue: Engineering Our Environment, Distinguishing Features, Metro Occupational Mixes, Prisoner's Dilemma, Show Me the Money, Exploring Career Options

June 2015

Our annual state-of-the state issue examines how the Minnesota economy is doing six years after the end of the recession.

March 2015

Cover story examines how wages for Minnesotans who left their jobs and found new jobs during the recession compare with the wages of people who left jobs and found new work after the recession.

December 2014

This issue features a cover story on jobs in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math.

September 2014

The cover story takes an in-depth look at careers in precision metal manufacturing, focusing on three people who have worked in the industry.

June 2014

Our annual state-of-the-state issue, featuring an in-depth look at the state economy and where it’s headed.

March 2014

The cover story takes a look at jobs in the Minnesota transportation industry.

December 2013

This issue features a cover story on the rapidly growing craft brewing industry in Minnesota.

September 2013

Cover story takes a close look at the demographics behind Minnesota's unemployment numbers.

December 2012

This issue features three stories on the connection between education and employment.

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