June 2013 - Minnesota Employment Review

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Are Skilled Workers Scarce?

We conducted a survey to investigate hiring difficulties and determine how many are specifically attributable to skills gaps relative to other factors.

Employment Projections in Central Minnesota

After leading the state in job growth over the last 10 years, Central Minnesota is again projected to be the fastest growing region of the state in the future according to DEED’s Employment Projections.

Measuring Minnesota

Current unemployment rates suggest that Minnesota is doing relatively well in our recovery from the recent recession. But how do we compare to neighboring states?

Industrial Analysis

Minnesota employment increased 8,400 in May 2013 to erase a large portion of the losses posted in April.

Regional Analysis

View total nonfarm employment around Minnesota, segregated by region.

Minnesota Economic Indicators

The Minnesota Index remained stuck at 160.0 for the second straight month in May despite a jump in payroll numbers.

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U)

On a seasonally adjusted basis the May CPI-U for all items increased 0.1 percent over the month.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)

The Local Area Unemployment Statistics or LAUS tool provides labor force, employment and unemployment estimates.

Current Monthly Employment (CES)

The Current Employment Statistics (CES) Program, a monthly survey of 5,900 nonfarm employers, provides monthly data on employment by industry. The data offers a snapshot of the health of the economy.