January 2014 - Minnesota Employment Review

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Geographic and Industry Mobility of New Nursing Grads

Registered nurses are a high demand occupation in all regions of the state. Geographic and industry mobility of recent graduates affect the long-term supply of RNs in each local market, which then affect employers’ hiring decisions. 

Mining for Growth

Just how specialized has Northeastern Minnesota’s Mining industry become? We use location quotient, a measurement of an industry’s concentration or specialization in a region, to find the answer.

Regional Analysis

A regional breakdown of job growth for December 2013.

Featuring the QCEW

A brief history of the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program.

Industrial Analysis

An analysis of the industries that saw employment growth during December 2013, as well as the last year.

Minnesota Economic Indicators

A comprehensive look at economic indicators for December 2013, including the Minnesota and U.S. Indices.

Consumer Price Index

Information on the U. S. Consumer Price Index for December 2013.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics

The Local Area Unemployment Statistics or LAUS tool provides labor force, employment, and unemployment estimates.

Current Employment Statistics

The Current Employment Statistics (CES) Program, a monthly survey of 5,900 nonfarm employers, provides monthly data on employment by industry. The data offers a snapshot of the health of the economy.