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Marketing and Promotional Materials

We produce booklets, brochures, videos and other marketing materials used to promote Minnesota as a great place to live, work and do business. Select from the links below to view, download or print.

Assistance for Minnesota Businesses
Resources and information to help your business grow.

Minnesota Magazine
Business takes an in-depth look at the state - everything from the economy, major industries and finance to education, logistics and quality of life.

Thriving in the North: Root Yourself in Opportunity
Everything you ever wanted to know about our legendary standard of living and what makes Minnesota one of the most livable states in the nation.

Thriving in the North: Expand, Innovate, Flourish
Learn why Minnesota has been named the nation's top state for business and take a closer look at all the advantages of a Minnesota-based location for your business startup, expansion or relocation.

Why Minnesota
Essential data on workforce, education, business logistics, business costs, and state and local incentives for companies considering startup, expansion or relocation in Minnesota.

Foreign Direct Investment in Minnesota
Foreign companies looking for a North American location to start, expand or relocate operations will find tremendous advantages in Minnesota.

Foreign Direct Investment in Minnesota - Spanish
Spanish-language version of our FDI brochure.

Economic Development Resource Guide
A guide to all the programs and services for businesses and communities offered by DEED, including financing programs, tax credits, expansion and relocation incentives, and more.

Breakthroughs -The Story of Minnesota's Extraordinary Biotech Industry
22 page brochure on Minnesota's biotech and medical industry. Includes history of biotech and medical devices in Minnesota, spotlights on Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, other resources, profiles of various companies, and more.

Data Center Incentives Fact Sheet
An overview of the tax incentives available for companies that invest $30 million to build data or network operation centers of at least 25,000 square feet.

Minnesota at a Glance
History, geography, education, population, economy, business and industry. Lots of fast facts at your fingertips.

Workforce Development Resource Guide
A guide to all the workforce programs and services offered by DEED, including those for adults, youth, veterans, and more.

The world's most compelling video reveals the secret to Minnesota's astounding success. Watch now.

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