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Why Minnesota Fact Sheets

Why is Minnesota a great place to live, work and do business? That's too long a story to tell here. But these fact sheets are a good start.

Minnesota at a Glance
History, geography, education, population, economy, business and industry. Lots of fast facts at your fingertips.

Why Minnesota - Bioscience
From medical devices to emerging sectors such as human health microbiology and industrial biotechnology, Minnesota is an international leader in biosciences.

Why Minnesota - Education
From K-12 test scores and high school graduation rates to college campuses and advanced degrees, Minnesota's education system is among the nation's best.

Why Minnesota - Manufacturing
Minnesota is great for manufacturing!

Why Minnesota - Workforce
Educated. Innovative. Known the nation over for a legendary work ethic. No one tops our workers. 

Why Minnesota - Quality of Life
Wild life. Night life. Arts. Culture. And water, water everywhere. Minnesota's enviable quality of life has something for everyone.

Foreign Direct Investment in Minnesota
Foreign companies looking for a North American location to start, expand or relocate operations will find tremendous advantages in Minnesota. 

Foreign Direct Investment in Minnesota - Spanish
Spanish-language version of our FDI brochure.

Regional Fact Sheets

Why Minnesota
See profiles of six key Minnesota regions, with breakouts on population, education, workforce, business tax rates, transportation infrastructure and the unique commercial and industrial strengths of each region.

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