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Industry Fact Sheets

Minnesota's economic strength is due in large part to a diverse collection of world-leading industries. Here you'll find fact sheets and special reports that provide an overview of some of our core industries, as well as highlights of their success. Select from the links below to view, download or print a fact sheet.

Breakthroughs -The Story of Minnesota's Extraordinary Biotech Industry
Covers Minnesota's global leadership in animal sciences, bio-agriculture and food, medical devices, pharma and biologics, and renewable energy.

Clean Technology Industry
Minnesota brings together the perfect balance of scientific and technical expertise, infrastructure, manufacturing innovation, workforce talent to support the growing clean technology sector.

Data Centers
Special incentives, lower business taxes, lower energy costs, top-shelf infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce make it more attractive than ever to build data and network operation centers in Minnesota.

Manufacturing Sector
Minnesota's manufacturing sector is the backbone of the state's economy, thanks to its strength, versatility and innovation.

Mining Industry
For more than a century, northeastern Minnesota has been the nation's leading producer of iron ore.

Wind Power Industry
Minnesota is the third-largest wind energy producer in the country and a national hub for wind energy manufacturing. This fact sheet provides a high-level overview.

Water Technology Industry
Minnesota is home to some of the nation's largest and most innovative water and wastewater treatment companies.

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