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Duluth WorkForce Center

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Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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Mining Employment Information

The mining industry in northeastern Minnesota offers job seekers various employment opportunities.

Local Mining Information

See a list of mines that offer employment opportunities and how to apply for them.

Tips to Getting Hired

View helpful tips on getting hired.

  • Get the Facts

    See our Mining Information Fact Sheet and our latest publication on mining jobs in Minnesota with types of positions that may be available at the mines and some of the job duties associated with them.

  • Your Resume

    Creative Job Search

    • A generic resume isn’t enough – 1000’s apply annually
    • Target a category of work; include only skills that relate to the position you are applying
    • For example, many companies need maintenance workers and prefer training such as:
      • 2-4 year post high school degree
      • OR 4 year apprenticeship in related work
      • OR 2 years directly related full-time work or related military deployment 
      • OR 6 months experience as an on-site contractor with HS diploma/GED
    • Describe electrical, industrial, mechanical, maintenance, or industrial technology experience
    • Add numbers, stories, etc. to describe the experience or how it was earned
    Parts of a Resume

    Objective:  use exact job title, in mining language, with a little personality
    • Versatile maintenance technician with 2 year degree and job experience
    • List why YOU are the BEST candidate for THIS job
    • Use descriptive words to list skills, abilities, and work experience related to mining.
      • Operated 35 lb. jackhammer horizontally in unison with 4 person crew
      • Drove 280 ton production truck safely for 5 years, familiar with mining use of GPS
      • Supervised 32 unionized assembly workers on rotating shifts for over 7 years
      • Participated in obtaining first ISO certification as part of a 10 person team
      • Traveled to Utah to test PAR machine before company purchase
      • MSHA certified, 24 hours training plus 8 hour annual refresher & 4 hours/month training
  • Networking
    • Give your resume to a few people who work for the company--the good ones!
    • Line up references, some known to the people who hire for this company
    • Keep your references up-to-date on where you applied, when your interview is, etc.
    • Give your references a copy of your resume and review your qualifications with them
  • Preparation
    • Learn basic computer skills: mouse, scrolling, how to enter your name, address, etc.
    • Expect computerized tests: math (%, fractions, no calculator), reading, attitude and work questions
    • Expect a drug test
    • Contact your WorkForce Center (WFC) for workshops on skills, resumes, interviews, and more
    • Line up interview clothes, plan what to say, rehearse – try a mock interview at the WFC!
    • Take the National Career Readiness Certificate
    • Visit the WorkForce Center - they offer workshops, books, Resource Area computers, staff assistance - ALL FOR FREE!
  • Mining Jobs Online
    • Follow the instructions the mines have posted on how to apply for jobs
    • Many mines post jobs on
      • Search for jobs
      • There is no fee to post your resume!
    • Construction, trade, and apprenticeship information is available at