Data Tools

Sometimes, finding a job takes more than a good resume or a few promising leads. Sometimes, you need much deeper information to plan and launch your job search.

Whether it's understanding how your skills and qualifications might transfer to other professions or researching what occupations are most in demand, our data tools can help focus your efforts, broaden your horizons and improve your job-search prospects.

Occupations in Demand

High-demand jobs for each region of the state, along with typical wages and training.

Job Skills Transfer Assessment Tool

Enter your occupation and find other careers that also demand your existing skills.

Graduate Employment Outcomes Tool

Track wages and employment of recent Minnesota graduates by degree level, institution type, and major.

Employment Outlook

Industries and occupations expected to grow over the next decade in Minnesota.

Job Vacancy Survey

This semi-annual survey shows which industries and occupations are hiring.

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Track wages and employment by industry at state, regional, county and municipal levels.

Occupational Employment and Wages

Get data on typical wages by occupation and region throughout the state.