Limited-Use Vendors


Limited-Use Vendors (LUVs) are service providers not accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Minnesota's Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) program limits the amount of business it does with these providers. 

Providers that are registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State may conduct business up to $40,000 every two years with VRS after an LUV Professional/Technical (P/T) contract has been approved. Providers that are not registered with the Secretary of State are limited to $2,500 annually. 

How to Lift Spending Limits

Organizations approaching the annual spending limit can have the limit lifted by submitting an application (Intent to Survey) to CARF. Send a copy of the application and proof of a paid application fee to Anne Paulson (651-259-7135 or email, who will contact you to establish a new P/T contract as a CARF-Pending community rehabilitation provider.

This status will allow VRS counselors to purchase services without spending limits for about six months until the accreditation survey process is complete. For more information about CARF accreditation, contact Pete Hathaway at CARF at 800-444-8991,

Established LUVs may not informally create new business entities, partnerships, or mergers as a mechanism for exceeding spending limits without obtaining accreditation.


These are the Metro-area providers:


These are the Northland-area providers:


These are the Southland-area providers:


VRS purchases job placement and job retention services from qualified partners through a performance-based agreement (PBA) that emphasizes outcomes and results. VRS refers job placement and retention services to partners with the outcome-based job placement services attachment in their P/T contracts. Referrals may be for supported or non-supported employment outcomes.

Payment Milestones

Payments are linked to consumer employment goals and employer satisfaction. Payment for services is provided when key milestones toward employment outcome are reached.

A signed Placement and Retention Plan is developed at a face-to-face meeting involving the consumer, the partner and the VRS staff member. The plan identifies the job goal, defines the roles and responsibilities of each of the three parties, and creates a consensus about the desired outcome. The plan must be signed by all three parties.

Job hire is the first complete, paid shift worked by the consumer in the integrated labor market. If the consumer loses his or her job prior to the completion of the PBA, the consumer is re-placed by the partner with no additional payment.

Milestone Rates   
Each milestone will be pre-authorized by VRS staff and paid once per partner, per open PBA. Payment of a milestone will constitute payment in full for all services delivered during that phase of the program. A maximum of $3,800 will be paid per consumer in the following increments:

  • Signed Placement Plan: $1,000
  • Job Hire: $1,300
  • Successful Placement: $1,500

Training Materials

PBA Guide
Outlines the benefits to consumers and services partners. Sets out the scope of job placement and retention services and the responsibilities of partners.

PBA Presentation  
Slides and notes providing an overview of PBAs.



The primary contact for LUVs is Community Partners Rehabilitation Specialist Anne Paulson: 651-259-7135 or email

Additional VRS contacts: