EE Research and Reports

Status and Evaluation: Employment and Support Services for Persons with Mental Illness
The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, produced and published this report in December 2012.

A Study of Persons Working Less Than Fifteen Hours Per Week and Receiving Extended Employment Supports
Why are consumers receiving supports from CRPs working less than 15 hours a week? That was the question this investigation sought to answer through case studies of a diverse group of consumers. Case files were examined, case managers were interviewed, consumers were observed at work, but most important, the consumers' own words, from personal interviews, were used to respond to the research questions.

Wage Incentive Provision of the Extended Employment Funding Rule
This study analyzes the impact of the wage incentive provision of the EE - Basic funding rule in increasing work paid at minimum wage or better. It also provides a history of wages earned and hours worked since 1999 for this program.

2013 Extended Employment Program Compliance Audit and Program Evaluation Report (March 2014)
This report contains summary information about the condition and outcomes of the EE grant program resulting from the application of the EE Program Compliance Examination Standards. 

Past Reports: