Living with Vision Loss

Losing your vision can seem overwhelming at first, but you are not alone. Many people have gone through the same process you're experiencing.

Our staff at State Services for the Blind can help. We can match you up with training programs to learn skills and techniques for living your daily life. We’ll help you stay in the job you have, or navigate the process of finding one. We’ll let you know about the vast array of technology that is on the market now and help you figure out what is the best fit for you. We’re here to assess what you need and work with you to determine the best strategies for meeting your goals.

Adjustment to Blindness Training

Adjustment to Blindness Training refers to training opportunities which teach an individual with a vision loss the skills necessary to work competitively and live independently. 

Technology Support

Our Assistive and Adaptive Technology Unit develops, coordinates and provides technology services that help people on the job, in school or at home.

Braille, Radio, Talking Book, News

We provide books, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials in alternate formats. In addition, we offer a wide variety of services to help people stay informed, in-touch with their communities, entertained, and to meet their education and employment goals.

Success Stories

The stories of blind, DeafBlind and visually impaired people are not so different from ordinary Minnesotans, but so often assumptions about their disabilities become the focus. Take a moment to read these stories. They'll give you a glimpse into the lives of SSB customers.