Living with Vision Loss

Losing your vision can seem overwhelming at first, but we can help you through it. We've got the right training and assistive technology to help you live and work independently. We’ll assess your needs you need and work with you to determine the best ways to meet your goals.

Adjustment to Blindness Training

Adjustment to Blindness Training gives individuals with a vision loss the skills necessary to work competitively and live independently. 

Technology Support

Our Assistive and Adaptive Technology Unit develops, coordinates and provides technology that helps people on the job, in school or at home.

Braille, Radio, Talking Book, News

Printed materials in alternate formats. Services to help people stay informed, in-touch, entertained, and to meet education and career goals.

Success Stories

Get a glimpse into the lives of blind, DeafBlind and visually impaired Minnesotans who are clients of State Services for the Blind.