Employment and Career Services

If you have a significant vision loss that makes it hard for you to get and keep a job, you may be eligible for a variety of counseling, training, job skills, and job placement services.

Services vary according to individual needs. SSB counselors work with you to determine which services you will need to reach your job goal.

Together you then develop a plan to help you reach this goal. Counselors who know about vision loss and understand workplace demands will help you choose which options are the best for you.

For more information, please call 651-539-2300 or TTY 651-642-0506.

Business Enterprises Program

The Minnesota Business Enterprises Program (BEP) provides profitable vending machine business opportunities to qualified licensed legally blind Minnesotans in order to broaden their economic opportunities. You've probably come across one of our vendor sites in a state or federal office building, a rest area or on a state college or university campus.

The BEP provides training, certification, technical support and management services to these self-employed vending business owners.

Qualified individuals must work with an SSB counselor, meet the requirements of our comprehensive evaluation process, and complete an extensive training to be certified to operate a BEP vending business.

The BEP administers this program under the authority of the federal Randolph-Sheppard Act and has an exclusive authority to establish vending businesses on state property.

For further information about the BEP, please contact John Hulet at 651-539-2284 or via E-mail at John.Hulet@state.mn.us.

Technology to Assist You

Our Assistive and Adaptive Technology Unit develops, coordinates and provides technology services that help people on the job, in school or at home.

We serve as a clearing house for information and expertise to employers, government agencies and consumers. We cover both hardware and software; we can assess systems and make recommendations; and we stay on top of emerging trends.

For more information, please call 651-539-2300 or TTY 651-642-0506.

Find a Vendor

In serving our customers, SSB works with partners in the community (vendors) who can offer specialized training or expertise. For a list of SSB's currently contracted vendors, select a link below. When selecting a vendor, customers are encouraged to contact vendors to find out more information when making a decision regarding services.

For a list of vendors that have met the standards developed by SSB, select a link below.


Eligibility for any of our employment and career services is determined based on several criteria, the first of which is a significant vision loss.

People who receive SSI or SSDI because of their vision loss are automatically eligible.

To discuss your eligibility and the programs or services that might be available to you or to request an application for services, call 651-539-2300 or 1-800-652-9000; TTY 651-642-0506 or TTY 1-888-665-3276 and ask to speak with someone in the Workforce Development Unit.

Or use our Information Request form and the appropriate member of our staff will contact you.