News by Phone or on the Go

Keeping informed of news and current events locally, regionally, nationally and internationally is an important part of everyday life.

Keep up with the news! The NFB Newsline (through the National Federation of the Blind) provides access to national and international newspapers, magazines and job listings. SSB's dial-in news offers access to major Minnesota newspapers.

Try one or both services. Either way, keeping current on the news is as easy as picking up your telephone.

NFB Newsline

A service of the National Federation of the Blind, NFB Newsline provides access to more than 250 newspapers and magazines over the telephone and can be accessed in every state and territory. This on-demand service is offered free of charge.

Subscribers may choose the current day's, the previous day's, or the previous Sunday's issue of any newspaper in the service. Users easily choose which newspaper, section, and article to read using a standard touch-tone telephone.

An easy-to-use menu allows users to change the speed and voice settings, spell out words, or search for particular words or subjects.

Who is Eligible?
Anyone who cannot read conventional newsprint could qualify for this free service.

Sign-up for NFB Newsline
Minnesotans who are blind or visually impaired may receive this free service by completing and returning this simple NFB Newsline application or by contacting our Communication Center at State Services for the Blind at 1-800-722-0550.

You will receive your identification number either from the National Federation of the Blind headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, or from us at State Services for the Blind.

Benefits of NFB Newsline
Many seniors have lost enough vision that reading the daily newspaper is no longer possible. You will enjoy being able once again to participate actively in community affairs.

Blind children are now able to research their own civics assignments and do their homework independently.

National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINE® is the only service that makes so many national newspapers and information available to blind people 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a nationwide basis.

When on vacation, or on a business trip, readers can access National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINE® with the toll-free phone number from any touch-tone phone and entering their personal ID and security codes.

Dial-In News

Our Dial-In News service provides access to the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, the Brainerd Dispatch, and to City Pages, an alternative weekly.

You must contact us and obtain a telephone number and password before you may use Dial-In News.

To sign up, contact our equipment desk at 1-800-722-0550.