Wastewater Infrastructure Fund

The Wastewater Infrastructure Fund provides supplemental grants based on affordability criteria to help communities build wastewater treatment projects that address existing environmental or public health problems.

Administered by the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority, the fund provides matching grants to communities that receive wastewater financing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development program and grants to communities that receive loans under the Clean Water Revolving Fund and meet certain affordability criteria.



Cities, counties, townships, sanitary districts or other governmental subdivisions responsible for wastewater treatment are eligible.

Applicants meeting USDA rural Development eligibility requirements apply directly to Rural Development.

Applicants not meeting Rural Development requirements apply directly to the PFA as part of an application for a Clean Water Revolving Fund loan.

Minimum Requirements
Projects must be included on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency s Project Priority List. Non-rural development projects must also be on the PFA s Intended Use Plan. Projects must be certified by the MPCA before the PFA may approve financing for the project.

A municipality must apply to all other grant funding sources for which the project is eligible before it may receive assistance through the Wastewater Infrastructure Fund.

Municipalities receiving WIF funds must annually deposit a minimum of 50 cents per 1,000 gallons of flow for major rehabilitation, expansion or replacement of the treatment system at the end of its useful life.

Eligible Costs
Eligible costs are those necessary to meet a municipality s existing wastewater treatment needs. Costs related to future residential, commercial and industrial growth are not eligible.

Assistance Amounts
For municipalities receiving funding from USDA Rural Development, the WIF grant may be up to 65 percent of the total grant need determined by Rural Development.

Municipalities not receiving funding from Rural Development may receive a WIF grant in conjunction with a CWRF loan when the average per household system costs exceed 1.4% of median household income.

The maximum WIF grant may not exceed $4 million or $15,000 per connection, whichever is less.

Funds Reserved
Each fiscal year the PFA identifies potentially eligible projects based on their ranking on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency s Priority Project List and available project information.

Funds are reserved in priority order when projects receive a funding commitment from USDA Rural Development or submits plans and specifications to the MPCA. Funds are reserved in an amount based on the project cost estimate at the time the funds are appropriated and awarded in an amount based on that estimate or the as-bid costs, whichever is less.

Funds are disbursed monthly, as costs are incurred.


Applications Accepted

Applicants eligible for Rural Development funding must apply directly to Rural Development. Non-Rural Development projects must request placement on the Clean Water Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan and follow the PFA's loan application process.


Report to the Legislature

Download the PFA's 2014 Wastewater Infrastructure Fund report to the Legislature.

WIF Program Worksheet

On February 1, 2016, the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) will submit a report to the Minnesota Legislature on wastewater projects eligible for financial assistance from the Wastewater Infrastructure Funding (WIF) program.

To prepare this report, we are requesting updated project information from municipalities with wastewater projects on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's 2016 Project Priority List (PPL). Only wastewater projects are eligible for WIF grants; storm-water projects are not eligible.

If you are interested in seeking WIF grant funds for your project, please complete this Wastewater Project Information Worksheet as completely as possible for each project that your municipality has listed on the 2016 PPL. Instructions are on the back of the form.

Submission Deadline: November 13, 2015.

Once complete, email the worksheet to the PFA loan officer for your area. The email should be sent by an authorized municipal official. If the form is sent by someone else, send a separate email or letter from an authorized municipal official indicating that they have approved the submission of project information.

Documents for Download

Wastewater Project Information Worksheet

WIF Worksheet Cover Memo

For More Information

Contact Jennifer Frasl at 651-259-7469 or email jennifer.frasl@state.mn.us.


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