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Joint Counselor Training Presentations

Listed below are the presentations from the 2016 Joint Counselor Training.


Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens

Breakout Session 1

1-A. Thriving as a Team

1-B. TAA Building Blocks - Come Play with Us!

1-C. The Refugee Process 101

1-D. What do you do with your new MAXIS inquiry training?

1-E. The Blueprint: Measurement and Practice for Building Brighter Futures

1-F. Bridges to Healthcare Rochester: Collaboration is Key

1-G. Counselor as Architect: Building the Supports for Participant Self-Determination Through Enhanced Coaching

Breakout Session 2

2-A. Get your Workforce One Questions Answered for DHS Programs

2-B. TAA Survivor - Outwit. Outplay. Outlast

2-C. The Culture Trap: Working with Refugees

2-D. A New Minnesota WorkForce Center

2-E. GI Bill Training

2-F. Serving the SNAP Recipients

ABAWD Blue Earth County

ABAWD Time Limits

Overview of SNAP Blue Earth County

SNAP Banked Months Blue Earth County

SNAP Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses Toolkit

SNAP Participation Guidelines

SNAP Support Works

Workfare Contract MCRI Blue Earth County

Workfare Toolkit

2-G. Communicating Value using Performance Tools

Breakout Session 3

3-A. Get your Workforce One Questions Answered for WDD Programs

3-B. Scattered Pieces: Helping the Hardest to Serve

3-C. MFIP Self-Support Index 101

3-D. SNAP Employment and Training Expansion Efforts

3-E. Apprenticeships: Learn as You Earn and MN Apprenticeship Initiative Grant Program Overview

3-F. Helping Hands: Research and Data Assistance from DEED and Real-Time Talent

3-G. How Trauma Informed Service Delivery Can Improve Your Outcomes

Breakout Session 4

4-A. Learning Thru Sharing

4-B. Understanding Disparities and Workforce Diversity in Minnesota

4-C. Self-Support Index Strategies

4-D. SNAP E&T: Heading Home and Navigator 50% Reimbursement Pilots

4-E. Minnesota's Eligible Training Provider List: Exploring Career and Job Opportunities

4-F. Building a Talent Pipeline Through State Initiatives

4-G. American Indian MFIP Equity Project

Breakout Session 5

5-A. Demystifying Safe-Space

5-B. OJT...Training that Works! A Proven Method of Job Placement

5-C. Childcare Assistance for Clients with Employment Plans

5-D. The Impact of Credit Scores on Your Clients Success

5-E. MN Unemployment Insurance Program serving customers with Limited English Proficiency

5-F. Jobs, Education, and Incarcerations: Data Driven Scenarios for Client Success

5-G. New MFIP Education Policy is Building Bright Futures (Summary)

Breakout Session 6

6-A. How the Meaning of Words Can Affect People

6-B. Mindfulness - A Key to Personal and Professional Resilience

6-C. African American MFIP Equity Project

6-D. Unraveling the Social Security Disability Web

6-E. Disabilities: Types, Myths and Etiquette

6-F. Becoming a Ticket to Work Employment Network

6-G. World Cafe

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