Manufacturing Business Conditions Survey

The Manufacturing Business Conditions Survey attempts to gauge the sentiments of Minnesota manufacturers concerning themselves and the state economy.

For more information about how the survey was conducted, see the survey methodology listed below the full report.

2013 Year-End Report

Minnesota manufacturers are optimistic for the 2014 business year, with 91 percent of survey respondents expecting conditions to improve or remain the same. At least 50 percent expect unchanged employment, investment and productivity levels.

2012 Year-End Report 

Most Minnesota manufacturers appear to be moderately optimistic about their business prospects in 2013, with 85 percent of survey respondents expecting production and employment levels to increase or be the same as in 2012.

2011 Year-End Report

Most of Minnesota’s manufacturers expect conditions in 2012 to improve or be the same as in 2011. With less than 10 percent of manufacturers expecting production and employment to decrease in 2012, manufacturers appear to be optimistic about the coming year.

2010 Year-End Report

Manufacturers report that they expect growth in 2011and that they performed better than expected in 2010. The responses reflect an optimism not seen since 2007 and suggest a break in the cloud of uncertainty that has overshadowed the past two years.

2009 Year-End Report

Manufacturers report their industry declined more than expected in 2009, with drop-offs in orders, profits and employment. Respondents are uncertain about what to expect in 2010.