Business Services Industry Conditions Survey

The Business Services Industry Conditions Survey gauges the sentiments of Minnesota business services firms concerning themselves and the state economy. Accounting firms, computer consultants, advertising and public relations agencies and other types of service companies support the activities of other businesses and their performance is an indicator of overall business conditions and trends statewide.

The reports below contain the results of the survey for the corresponding year. Each business in the population was considered equally, regardless of size. For further details, see the methodology write-up listed below the report.

June 2013 Report
Minnesota firms that provide business services (such as scientists, engineers, accountants, computer and public relations consultants) are more optimistic about the next four quarters, compared to the previous year.       

Seventy-seven percent of respondents indicated they expect increasing or unchanged sales revenues in the next four quarters, compared to 70 percent in the previous four quarters. Additionally, 75 percent anticipate higher or stable profits, compared to 62 percent for the last four quarters.

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