Affirmative Action Statistics

DEED’s Labor Market Information Office works with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights to compile and distribute packets to assist employers who are developing affirmative action plans. The Affirmative Action Statistical Packets are compiled for companies to use in completing an availability analysis and utilization/underutilization analysis as mandated under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, Section 363A.36.

The packets, which were compiled using 2006 to 2010 five-year American Community Survey data, break down the percentage of males, females, whites and minorities working in detailed occupations. Data packets are available for the country, state, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, some Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and Greater Minnesota.

For information on developing or updating an affirmative action plan, go to the Minnesota Office of Human Rights Web site at

Choose Your Area

Choose the correct packet to download 
Choose the packet that corresponds most closely with the area from which you recruit employees. The majority of employers in Minnesota recruit their workers from within commuting distance to their firm. However employers hiring for some positions, for example professionals and skilled workers, may have a broader recruitment area than for other, for example lower skilled, occupations. In these cases, adjacent regions, states or even the U.S. as a whole should be considered in setting affirmative action program goals.

Available packets are listed below under Step 2 as well as phone numbers for adjacent states. Use the following links to look up which counties are included in each packet.

Definitions of MSAs and MicroSAs

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United States
      Greater Minnesota (Minnesota excluding all counties in metropolitan statistical areas) 

Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Duluth-Superior MSA
Mankato MSA 
Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA 
Rochester MSA 
St. Cloud MSA

Micropolitan Statistical Areas

Brainerd MicroSA 
Faribault-Northfield MicroSA 
Fergus Falls MicroSA 
Winona MicroSA

Other States

Other states: 
To obtain affirmative action data for another state, call:

Iowa: 515.281.5116 
North Dakota: 701.328.3048 
South Dakota: 605.626.2314 
Wisconsin: 608.266.0851

Understand the Data

Understand the Data 
Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate packet, use these links to determine which occupations to include in your plan and to understand the data in your packet.

Note: Data is not available for every detailed occupation in every region. You may substitute occupational group data for individual occupations when necessary.

Find occupational definitions by SOC code 
Find occupation and SOC code by job title 
      Data Definitions