Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims declined in May, which ended with 15,286 claims, or 90 fewer than in April. Manufacturing claims were highest for the month with 2,548, an increase of 32.3 percent over the year. Construction also had a large number of claims - 2,300 - but that represents a decline both over the month and over the year (27.9 percent fewer). Though the industry is smaller and claims are relatively low, the most abrupt percentage increase was in Mining (262, up 367.9 percent over the year). Regionally, the Upper Minnesota Valley Economic Development Region saw the biggest increases over the year (168.0 percent), with Northwest also up 120.9 percent. The largest region by a large margin, the Twin Cities, saw a decline of 14.0 percent in claims over the year

Graph: Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims

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