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Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims increased slightly in December, adding 548 for a total of 31,577 on the month. Seasonally adjusted, initial claims were at 19,055, which represented a small increase over the 18,927 seasonally adjusted claims in November.

On an over-the-year basis, initial claims decreased, down 9.2 percent from December 2015’s 34,783 claims. Among the industry groups with notable declines were Manufacturing (down 21.7 percent to 4,599), Construction (down 1.7 percent to 12,141), Mining (down 52.1 percent to 357), and Accommodation and Food Services (down 7 percent to 1,385). Only two published industry groups showed an increase in claims over December of 2015. The Information supersector had 249 claims (an increase of 21.5 percent) and Retail Trade had 1,482 (an increase of 2.7 percent).

Demographically, every published age group, sex, race, and education level showed a decrease in initial claims from twelve months ago. Improvements seemed to be larger for those with lower education levels. For people with less than 12 years of education, initial claims decreased by 11.4 percent. For those with exactly 12 years, they decreased by 10.6 percent. 13-15 years showed an 8.1 percent decrease, and those with over 15 years of education showed a decline of 3 percent.

line graph- Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims 

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