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Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims shrunk from 16,867 in March to 13,609 in April, representing a decline of 3,258. Annually, the number of claims declined by 11.5 percent, from 15,376 in April of 2015. Claims decreases were broad based, as the only industry groups to have more claims this year than last were Construction (up 0.4 percent) and Transportation and Warehousing (up 4.3 percent). The largest proportional over-the-year decline in initial claims came in Wholesale Trade, down 27.2 percent, from 639 to 465. The largest numerical drop was in Manufacturing, which had 2,369 claims in April 2015, and 1,957 claims in 2016.

The over-the-year declines were demographically broad as well, as every race, ethnicity, and gender group had fewer claims in April of 2016 than twelve months prior. Most age groups also showed a decline in claims, save for those age 65 and over, who saw a slight increase of 24, or 6.9 percent, in their claims. Claims also declined for people of all education levels. The declines were sharpest among Minnesotans with lower educations levels, with declines for those with twelve years or less of education higher than those with 13-15 years or over.


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