Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims decreased in August by 731, for a total of 13,166 initial claims on the month. The Manufacturing industry once again had the highest number of initial claims, 2,303, but Construction began to creep closer, with 1,973. New claims are up over the year, with 1,293 (10.9 percent) more than in August 2014. Claims in the Manufacturing industry were up by 61.8 percent over last year, while the Mining industry had an increase of over two thousand percent, from 27 in August 2014 to 593 last month, as that industry continued to struggle with staffing fluctuations related to a global decrease in the price of iron ore.

Regionally, the largest over-the-year change came in Southwest Minnesota, which had a 142 percent increase in initial claims (to 429) due to an increase from Manufacturing. The Arrowhead region had 92.3 percent more claims than August 2014, due to layoffs in Mining, and the Upper Minnesota Valley had a104 percent jump, with half of their 100 claims coming from Construction or Manufacturing .

Graph: Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims

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