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Unemployment Insurance Claims

The total number of initial Unemployment Insurance claims declined slightly in August, down to 13,181, from 13,980 in July. Over the year, however, the number of claims increased slightly, as August of 2015 showed 13,166 initial UI claims. Among the industries that saw sizeable increases from last August were Construction (2,573 claims, 30.4 percent more) and Accommodation and Food Services (857 claims, 26.2 percent more). Industries that showed improvement included Mining (53 claims, 94.4 percent fewer), Manufacturing (2,038, 11.5 percent fewer), and Management of Companies and Enterprises (229, 24.9 percent fewer). Occupation groups to see annual increases included Management Occupations (823 claims, 38.1 percent more) and Construction and Extraction Occupations (2,941 claims, 23.7 percent more), while groups with fewer claims included Production Occupations (1,461 claims, 18.3 percent fewer) and Business and Financial Operations Occupations (433 claims, 12 percent fewer).

bar graph-Minnesota UI Change in Initial Claims  

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