Legal and Regulatory

Being in business requires that you comply with a variety of laws and regulations. They exist to protect consumers, people involved in business transactions, public resources and the public good, specific industries, and your own business interests. Here are some basics to consider, taken from our Guide To Starting A Business In Minnesota

Evaluating a Business Opportunity

Questions to ask and information to review before buying or investing in a business.

Securities Registration

The federal and state laws that regulate how securities can be advertised or sold.

Introduction to Franchising

Learn more about one of the most widely misunderstood business opportunities.

Franchise Registration

Certain state rules and regulations control how franchises may be offered or sold.

Environmental Protection Programs

Businesses that have an impact land, water and air may be regulated.

Raising Capital: Securities Law

This useful guidebook can help you understand the basics of raising money. 

Doing Business on the Internet

Touches on factors you need to consider before doing business on the Internet.

Employment Law Issues in Minnesota

The legalities of hiring, firing, wages, benefits and resolving workplace conflicts.

Privacy and Data Security

A Guide alerting businesses to the issues of privacy and data security in the workplace.

Unemployment Insurance Handbook

Helping employers comply with Minnesota's unemployment insurance law.

Business Licenses and Permits

Your business may be required to obtain one or more licenses or permits.

License Minnesota

Information on over 650 licenses, permits, rosters, and registrations administered by more than 48 state agencies.