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Roads and Highways

Highways are the primary mode of transportation in Minnesota, and the state has the fifth-largest highway system in the nation. Highway into Minneapolis

Though the network of roads is massive and well covers every area of the state, state highways and Interstates carry the bulk (more than 60 percent) of the annual vehicle miles of travel.

  • Principal transportation corridors radiate from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and Duluth. The major Interstate highways are I-35, I-90, and I-94, with I-35 and I-94 passing through the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, and I-90 going east-west along the southern edge of the state.
  • Comparing 362 metropolitan areas in 10 transportation measures, Expansion Management ranked Minneapolis-St. Paul third for transportation logistics nationwide, ranking fifth for its Interstate highways.
  • The state has more than 600 million tons of products transported. Truck and carload rail shipments accounted for nearly 73 percent of those shipments.
  • The state's constitution requires sales and use taxes on motor vehicles to fund transportation projects, with at least 40 percent dedicated to public transit.
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