Positive Return on Investment

Employees Who Have Disabilities Yield Attractive Returns
The return on investment when you employ people who have disabilities starts with cost savings and profit. When studied as a group, these employees contribute unique skills, perspectives, and work ethics that help reduce employment costs overall.
  • Reduce turnover and recruitment costs when you expand your access to talent that tends to exhibit long-term loyalty.
  • Avoid productivity losses incurred from unfilled positions.
  • Create more efficient work processes through new perspectives and abilities.
  • Leverage tax incentives, when applicable, ranging from $2,400 - $15,000.

Studies show that workers who have disabilities are consistently rated high in performance, attendance, and productivity and when it comes to reduced turnover costs, research has found that workers who have disabilities stay in their jobs, eliminating turnover costs, which can be as high as 93-200% of the employee's salary. Carolina Fine Snacks in Greensboro, NC found that after including people who have disabilities in their facility, productivity rose by nearly 30% while turnover, tardiness and absentee-ism fell to record lows.

For more comprehensive information on how hiring people who have disabilities can improve hiring ROI for your business, visit the Employer Assistance and Resource Network and use keyword 'ROI.'

For consultation and support, contact your regional Disability Employment Specialist (800-328-9095).

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