Work with a Disability Employment Specialist

Disability Employment Specialists are experts in disability employment and can provide resources and strategic alliances to your business to tap the talent pool of people who have disabilities.
These Disability Employment Specialists can help you streamline the process of finding, recruiting and hiring workers with disabilities. Services are offered at no cost to your business and include:

Job Analysis
On-site job analysis, consultation, and recommendations for appropriate work site and job modification.

Disability Awareness Training
Education about various disabilities and their vocational implications, rehabilitation technology, job accommodations, services provided by the agency, incentives to employers, and current disability related legislation.

Recruitment Services
Helping organizations find candidates who are screened for appropriate skills and abilities. Recruitment services are provided with no fee to the hiring organization.

On-the-Job Training for Employees Who Have A Disability
A cost reimbursement to your business for providing training above and beyond what all new employees receive.

Job Accommodation/Modification
Employer assistance to identify and modify architectural, procedural, instructional, or communication barriers to the employment and advancement of persons with disabilities.

Job Coaching
Consultation and training to help ensure successful employment, including skill development, identifying and using natural supports and exploring and seeking job advancement. Job coaching can be performed on or off the job site.

Employment Supports
Supported and extended employment assist people with the most significant disabilities to become and remain successfully and competitively employed in integrated workplace settings. Agency supports facilitate the ongoing services needed to help employees retain the job, with no fee to the employer. Natural supports are typically provided by the employer for all employees and are also provided by supervisors and co-workers in the natural course of the workday.

After a Vocational Rehabilitation Services client has been hired, maintaining contact for a reasonable period of time to promote job adjustment and retention.

You can also learn more about how hiring people with disabilities is good for business. 

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