Goals Lead to Hiring

Mackin Manager Analyzed Needs to Champion a New Hiring Direction
Mackin Library Media is a Minnesota business serving libraries, media centers, and classrooms nationwide in the areas of cataloging, analysis and order fulfillment. With over 400 employees, Mackin employs people in a wide range of job functions including processing, warehousing, sales, and management.

Laureen Lee, Human Resource Manager at Mackin, has been an integral part of including people who have disabilities in Mackin's hiring process. Her work intensified when she sought the expertise of a Vocational Rehabilitation Business Service Specialist (VRBSS) from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Early in their relationship, both Lee and her VRBSS realized that a job analysis process would better define the human resource needs of the company.

To better inform her analysis, Lee interviewed the manager of each department at Mackin, as well as two employees under each manager's supervision. Interviews focused on job functions – what employees and managers do and why. The information Lee gathered helped her understand better the management style of each department, and the management processes being used. She was able to ascertain and analyze the processes, culture, and communication of each department, revealing the specific employment needs of each department.

Armed with this knowledge, Lee was able to communicate more specifically with the VRBSS about how the vocational rehabilitation services and workforce centers could be most helpful in finding qualified job candidates for Mackin.

Lee repeated her analysis efforts and over time discovered changes she could make within Mackin to better prepare the company to include people who have disabilities in the workforce.

Change within the company included training for managers and employees alike. Managerial training on how to work with the many types of personalities was one focus Lee felt made a significant improvement for the company as a whole. Coaching continues after initial training and is viewed as a necessity for everyone.

Improvements are always in progress at Mackin, and Lee insists that Mackin's leaders are continuously doing everything they can to keep the company moving forward. Toward this end, Lee identifies increased dedication and productivity as a result of her job analysis process and the addition of people who have disabilities to the Mackin workforce.

For consultation and support, contact your regional Disability Employment Specialist (800-328-9095).

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