Performance Measures

DEED creates performance measures across all the programs it funds or provides. The measures allow for greater transparency and for comparison of like-programs.

The report method has been via the Uniform Program Accountability Measures (UPAM) report. The most-recent UPAM report was:

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DEED has been reporting uniform program accountability measures (UPAM), an effort that began in 2009 when the Minnesota Legislature directed DEED to do so, per Minn. Stat. 116J.997, to help the legislature understand what it got for its investment.

The UPAM methodology is intended to allow comparison across agency programs and help programs to focus on results. A set of measures was developed that answer the following questions:

  • What is the program's purpose?
  • What are the program's resources?
  • Who does the program serve?
  • What does the program do?
  • What are the results?

DEED has produced reports to answer these questions and that of the legislature: what do Minnesotans get for the dollars spent on programs?

Older UPAM Reports

The most-recent report is the 2012 UPAM Report. Previous reports are:

More Program Data

For more information on programs, including fiscal resources, see: